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This organization is known as "MACDAC West Retirees".  It was formed originally from retirees employed by the McDonnell Douglas Corporation ("MDCDAC") on the West Coast in 1979. Quite a few of those members also have employment time with the former Douglas Aircraft Company, later acquired by the McDonnell Aircraft Company in 1967.  More recent members of MACDAC West Retirees have time with The Boeing Company, which merged with McDonnell Douglas in 1997.

     We also enjoy the comradeship of our aerospace friends from heritage NorthAmerican Rockwell, and Hughes!

     With our common work experience and continued interest in aerospace, MACDAC West Retirees like to meet periodically for social activities and luncheons to continue our contact with work friends and teammates.

     Each year, we plan two luncheons to visit face to face again, share remembrances, and listen to a special speaker; often from our former Companies.  We also generate 4 newsletters a year, which is mailed to the membership.  During the year several other events may be planned, such as a golf tournament, and field trips to a local aerospace museum, etc.

     You are most cordially invited to join with us!  We would be delighted to hear from you!  If you have any inquiries or questions, please use the contact information noted below!

We hope to see you soon!



Board of Directors

2016 - 2017
  • President
    Jim Phillips
  • VP Communications
    Ron Beeler
  • VP Finance
    Rolf Sellge
  • VP Meetings
    Barbara Callaghan
  • VP Membership
    Barbara Callaghan
  • VP Programs
    Bill Rickard
  • VP Special Projects
    Jerry Callaghan
  • VP Secretary
    Elayne Bendel

Contact Information


DAC-MDC-Boeing Retirees of California
P.O. Box 5482
Fullerton, CA 92838

Luncheons:                 Barbara Callaghan will handle luncheon information.  Her telephone number is (714) 522-6122, email

Special Events:           Jerry Callaghan, our person for organizing special events, can be reached at (562) 691-4527 or email to

Roundup Newsletter:  Any information or comments about Roundup can be addressed to
Ron Beeler, (562) 243-0645 or email to

Telephone Email
(714) 522-6122 Email

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