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The McDonnell Douglas MD-90

December 2009


The MD-90 has an overall length of 152 ft. 7 in. and a wing span of 107 ft. 10 in. Payload capacity is 172 passengers and 1,300 cu. ft. cargo volume.

   The MD-90-30, with a maximum takeoff gross weight of 156,000 lb. carries 155 passengers approximately 2,400 st. mi.. The MD-90-30ER with increased maximum weight of 166,000 pounds and an additional 565-gallon auxiliary fuel tank, has a range of 2,750 mi.

   With a takeoff thrust of 25,000 pounds, the MD-90-30 can use runways as short as 5,000 ft. on a typical 550-mi. flight with a full passenger load. At maximum takeoff gross weight, the MD-90-30 requires only 7,100 feet of runway. A 28,000-pound optional takeoff thrust rating is available for enhanced takeoff performance.